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Star Wars Class Musings Pt. 1
July 29, 2009, 3:00 pm
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Yesterday I started musing on the Star Wars d20 homebrew. Today, more of the same. I’ve been thinking long and hard on classes and their fantasy parallels.

Potential Star Wars Classes

Diplomat- I see this as the party leader class. A charismatic individual who is better at persuasion than combat. The Diplomat would have group buff abilities, diplomacy and bluff skills and maybe some mind control based CC.

Parallel: This is the hardest class to parallel because most of the systems we play lean heavily toward combat. Think Warpriest without the melee bent or Wizard without direct damage spells.

Lore basis: I have been questioned over and over about my choice to include this class in the game but I think it’s a pretty vital role to be filled. Padme is my go to example, as are Bail Organa, Yoda (when he’s not fighting) and Thrawn. Lando?

Jedi/Force Adept– As mentioned yesterday, I’m not completely sure what system I’ll be adopting or developing for the Jedi. The Jedi class will obviously have martial (light saber) combat abilities and force powers. I’m considering limiting base Jedi classes to light armor only.

Parallel: Cleric for the classes devotion and protective spirit. Monk for the single-minded nature and lack of physical mitigation. Sorcerer for the ability to spontaneously and intrinsicly cast spells. Fighter for the devotion to martial prowess. Dark Jedi would lean more towards barbarians, channelling primal rage to deliver devastating attacks. It’s a broad and diverse class, which is why I’m tending toward splitting Jedi into sub-classes or something.

Lore: If you need this, you shouldn’t be playing with us.

Bounty Hunter– The bounty hunter will be a heavily armored, heavily armed combat class. Probably with ranged and close combat specialties. Alignment will be an issue here, as well as technology.

Parallel: Ranger, absolutely ranger. This would be the easiest class to do a direct overlay from D&D. Combat focus, favored target, tracking abilities…it’s a perfect fit.

Lore: Bounty Hunters already do quests for money.

Smuggler/Scoundrel– The scoundrel will be a light or medium armored class with lots of skills. Predominately ranged damage skills and maybe some sneaking abilities.

Parallel: Rogue.

Lore: Han Solo, Corran Horn, maybe Anakin even.

To come: Commando, Medic, Spy and maybe some ideas for Jedi specializations/sub-classes/talent trees.


Edit: Gray Paladin I smell a prestige class!


Star Wars Musings
July 28, 2009, 4:45 pm
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I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to come up with the most important, vital hallmarks of the Star Wars universe. At this point I’m not even that concerned about implementation. I’m only worried about nailing the list of ‘gotta have this’ stuff from the Star Wars universe.

  • Space Combat
  • Jedi
  • Planets
  • The Undesirable Element

Space Combat

This’ll probably be the hardest to “home-brew”. I’m of a mind to steal this from some other RPG and tweak it to fit. Of course, more time will probably be spent on board ships than transit systems from other RPG’s. That means there will have to be a robust system for upgrading, maintaining and personalizing ships. I foresee as much as a 50/50 timesplit between space and planetary exploration. As such, we’ll need something for everyone to do, not just pilots and gunners.


Who wouldn’t want to play one? Well, hopefully somebody won’t. My thoughts on Jedi are various. Options include:

  1. Make Jedi one cohesive class with a ‘spell list’ that allows for differentiation of roles.
  2. Design numerous Jedi classes ie. Guardian, Healer and Saber Artist.
  3. Start with a ‘Force Adept’ base class and make all Jedi specializations into prestige classes.


Lots and lots of planets. I tend to think of planets as equivalent to major cities or hex-locations of fantasy campaigns.

The Undesirable Element

This is my catch-all term for all the Scoundrels, Slicers, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herders. This is the thing that sets Star Wars apart from other, more rosy SciFi titles.

July 28, 2009, 4:03 pm
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Here we go.
July 27, 2009, 7:34 pm
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I’ve had this blog title saved for a little while now, waiting on some motivation and a little free time to get started. It’s pretty much just a place to keep the odds and ends of ideas, information and conversation where it’s easy for me and my PC’s to reference. Right now there are two main pages in addition to the main-line site.

Rifts is the page for the up-coming ‘sandbox’ campaign I’ve been designing. Star Wars is for the d20 my friends and I are home-brewing.