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Star Wars Campaign Idea
August 12, 2009, 9:40 am
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This is a totally half-cocked, half-baked, shoot from the hip idea that I just had. But I like it so much I had to throw it up before I talk myself out of it. Besides, there’s only about 8 people what read this and 5 of them are google’s web crawlers.

The idea is for the over-arching plot for the Star Wars campaign. We have a group of people that were on an orbiting space station when a major catostrophe happened. Let’s say the destruction of Alderaan. They all run to the docking bay, jump on the first ship they find, and jet off into space. It’s a harrowing few days while they avoid Imperial patrols and stuff but eventually they get into deep space.

But now they’re alone in the galaxy, lightyears from the core systems and they don’t know what the political climate is. The whole campaign centers around them bouncing from world to world, trying to get enough fuel and supplies to get back home. Think small-scale battlestar galactica.


The Sneak Attack
August 6, 2009, 9:26 am
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This is a quick post about something I’ve been pondering. The Sneak Attack. You’ve seen it in the movies, the hero sneaks behind a guard, puts his hand over the sentinel’s mouth and drags his knife across the jugular.

In D&D there’s really no way in the rules to copy this. But it makes sense in the real world, so I’m thinking of implementing a Sneak Attack system.

It’ll probably occur as a type of skill challenge where you have to do a set of skill checks, all in a row, and you’ll have to succeed on them all.

For example:

1. Hide

2. Move Silently

3. Make an attack roll vs. flat footed AC.

4. Roll damage using coup de grace rules.

This will be more devastating than a normal surprise round, but with more risk if you fail. Also, as a side note, I’ll be pretty specific about what weapon can be used in this manner. Wouldn’t make much sense to silently stab someone in the back with a warhammer, now would it?

Star Wars Class Musings Pt. 2
August 4, 2009, 4:16 pm
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Continuing from my post last week, I’ve got a few more ideas for classes for the Star Wars d20 Homebrew.

Spy-Should this be a class set apart from Smuggler/Scoundrel? I think so. I see the spy as less of a thief and more of a trained assassin. Like the  navy seal of the rogue community.

Parallel: Rogue, sort of. I might end up making spy a subclass of Commando or Smuggler.

Lore: “Many Bothans died to bring us this information.”

Commando-I haven’t decided on what time period to use for this campaign yet but nearly every point in the Star Wars timeline has some version of the Commando. A heavily armed fighter with specialties in all weapons.

Parallel: Fighter.

Lore: Republic Commandos, Storm Troopers

Medic-I have no idea what to do with this class. It’s nearly universal to have a healing class to complete the “holy trinity” of role playing games. But the more I think about it the more I realize that it’ll be a dry-as-toast class to play. There’s no reasonable way for a person to ‘cast’ heals and some sort of healing ray-gun would be ludicrous, no matter how hand-wavingly convenient it would be. Besides that, there aren’t any solid religious reasons, lorewise, to have any type of holy healer. Other than a Jedi of course . 

So, healing will come from two sources: Jedi and items.

Jedi will be able to provide direct healing, by touch, but only outside of combat. I’m of a mind to make it more like a heal skill than a castable ability.

Also available for purchas will be things like stim packs, spice and bacta patches to provide on-demand, direct healing (and other buffs) in combat.

Are there other classes I should be considering? More to come on Jedi healers as well as some item ideas I’ve got.