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It’s been a while.
September 29, 2009, 11:10 am
Filed under: Dungeons and Dragons

Last Saturday my regular D&D group met for the first time in nearly two months. Everyone has been busy getting back into school and work and generally transitioning from summer to fall. So we were a little behind. Only 3 of 6 regular members showed up as well as one new person. We spent quite a bit of time hashing out things like group composition, house rules and such esoteric game mechanics as whether it was possible to create Baba Yaga’s house by means of Animate¬†Object and Permanence¬†spells*.

I’ll be typing up the potential house rules as well as my reasonings on some of them later, for now let it be enough that I have broken the silence and am again on the “blogging wagon.”

*I ruled no, mostly because it doesn’t fit with the feel of the campaign I’m trying to create. I might go back on my decision simply because the person who insists on it feels houses with chicken legs are quite integral to his character.¬†Considering all the weird stuff of the world of D&D, to rule out something like that feels petty. As a trade off, however, I will be expecting quite a bit more from him in terms of RP and background story.