Roll to Confirm

September 27, 2013, 1:56 pm
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Well, A-Z lasted one day.

I’m not worried about it. My players are still exploring the Kingdom of Ashmont. Maybe one of these days I’ll go ahead and describe everything else. In the meantime, another project I probably won’t finish!

My own RPG rules. I want to start with classes and I’d really like to build them from the ground up, ignoring everything that I don’t like and keeping only the essential stuff.

First of all: How does each class solve problems?

Fighting man: might, cunning, strength of arms, tactics

Specialist: stealth, subterfuge, wits, tools, equipment, gear, “the right thing for every job”

Wizard: knowledge, imbalance of information, preparation, “science”

Devout: appeals to authority, fellowship, support, group dynamics, faith