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The Final Word on Jedi (For Now)
January 31, 2014, 4:25 pm
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So, grad school came in like a wrecking ball and I’ve been knee deep in homework and grading, but I’m still filling my Moleskine and my Evernote with ideas.

I’ve settled on what I want to do with Jedi for now. I’m going to keep it random. Every level, including first, every character that wishes can choose a number from 1-100 which will be written on the character sheet. Every level, including first, every character that wishes may roll a d100. If any of their numbers comes up, they will experience a Force Awakening and gain two force powers, one random and one selected by the player. Additionally, at any level a character may sacrifice up to 5 Luck to choose 5 more numbers. These numbers, however, only apply to the roll at this level.

Example: Mal Ratto is a level 5 Specialist and has chosen the numbers 17, 26, 36, 85, 90. He rolls a d100 and gets a 44. He has not “unlocked” force sensitivity for this level. At 6th level he chooses the number 8 and also elects to spend 4 Luck points to choose the numbers 19, 34, 71 and 86. Mal now has a one in ten chance of having a Force Awakening.

I’ll admit, I’m still worried that the numbers are too small for the game but I’m very happy with how they work for Star Wars.

P.S. If I wasn’t so skeptical about Bennies or FATE points or what-have-you, I’d make it so you can do “heroic acts” or something to get more “picks” on your Force Awakening list.

Oooooh, or let players get “picks” by doing Dark Side stuff too.

So maybe I’m not as settled as I said I was, but it’s how it has to be for the game to work the way I want.


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