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A long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away…
January 10, 2014, 11:25 am
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So, last post I talked about the campaign settings I’ve written and DM’d. I’d like to think I’ve matured as a Dungeon Master and as a campaign setting writer and I’ve decided it’s time to tackle a “big idea” and to make a setting that is uniquely mine.

My weak point has always been with the lore of a setting world. I’m good at coming up with encounters, plot hooks, NPC’s and the like. My struggle has always been with “what’s the history of this place?” So I’ve decided to co-opt a setting with history and places and make it my own.

I’m taking Star Wars and turning it into a medieval setting.


Instead of Dwarvs and Orcs and Halflings, we have Mon Calamari, Bothans and Wookies.

Instead of the Corellian system we have the Kingdom of Corellia.

Instead of blasters and vibroswords, we have crossbows and…well, real swords.

Planets become cities, systems become kingdoms, the galaxy becomes one big world.

The idea here is to use the Star Wars setting but reinterpret it into a generic fantasy setting. I’ve found I have to do a lot of rules tweaking to get it to work the way I want, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far. So, the next series of posts is going to be all the building of this new campaign. I haven’t decided what to call it, but for now I’m tagging all the posts with the “Kingdom Far Away”category.


Life is long. Talk.
July 11, 2011, 10:21 am
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This is all it took.

I’m back. I know no one reads me, and I’m not sure I care if that changes.

Thanks Zak


20 Random Bards
April 18, 2011, 1:47 pm
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Here’s a table I use in my campaigns to determine what the entertainment is in the local Inn or Tavern. I use Bards quite a bit as local resources of knowledge so you can see that reflected in the table.

Roll d20:

1. A halfling who plays the lute. Can play any requests but is not very subtle about tips. Hates tobacco smoke.

2. Half-orc tribal dancer. Wears next to nothing other than skins and paing and takes him/her self and craft very seriously. Dislikes spell casters.

3. Dwarf story teller. Has lived his entire life in the area so he knows a lot about the surrounding locale and makes everything else up on the spot.

4. Halfling drummer. Likes women, hates dwarves. Plays for hours outside the door of the local Inn or tavern.

5. Human story teller. Penchant for political rabbit-trails and soap-boxing. Thinks that the rent is too damn high.

6. Obese human comedian. Racist but is friendly toward all children.

7. Half-elf dancer. Great dancer, extremely empty-headed. Useless for information, except about the wine selection.

8. Half-elf singer. Loves attention, from both sexes. Is afraid of outsiders with large weapons.

9. Gnome beat poet. Wears smoked-goggles and a black turtle neck sweater. Can’t be found before 9 PM.

10. Gnome who plays the penny whistle. Claims he can charm small rodents. Wears a vest with an expensive pocket-watch.

11. Dwarf bag piper. Accent so thick he can barely be understood. Likes ale and sausages.

12. Half-orc comedian. Terrible, except to half-orcs who find him hilarious. Loves pickled eggs, will attack hecklers.

13. Elf story teller/historian. Very boring if extremely knowledgable. Often reads by the fire.

14. Elf sitar player. Constantly high. Likes to use Mage Hand to steal drinks.

15. Human actor. Clown or a mime. Has a long record of minor offenses with the local constabulary.

16. Halfling dancer. Uses his flexibility and acrobatics to work as a cat burglar. Is a vegan and will talk at great lengths about it.

17. Dwarf actor. Every night takes on the character of a different historical Dwarf. Only drinks scotch older than he is.

18. Human female singer. Beautiful voice, a bit of a diva. In love with one of the bouncers, guards or bartenders.

19. Human circus freak, complete with piercings and tattoos. Can blow fire, swallow swords and juggle. Only talks in circus-slang.

20. A bard troupe! Roll 1d4 times on the table and keep rolling on additional 20’s.

It’s been a while.
September 29, 2009, 11:10 am
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Last Saturday my regular D&D group met for the first time in nearly two months. Everyone has been busy getting back into school and work and generally transitioning from summer to fall. So we were a little behind. Only 3 of 6 regular members showed up as well as one new person. We spent quite a bit of time hashing out things like group composition, house rules and such esoteric game mechanics as whether it was possible to create Baba Yaga’s house by means of Animate Object and Permanence spells*.

I’ll be typing up the potential house rules as well as my reasonings on some of them later, for now let it be enough that I have broken the silence and am again on the “blogging wagon.”

*I ruled no, mostly because it doesn’t fit with the feel of the campaign I’m trying to create. I might go back on my decision simply because the person who insists on it feels houses with chicken legs are quite integral to his character. Considering all the weird stuff of the world of D&D, to rule out something like that feels petty. As a trade off, however, I will be expecting quite a bit more from him in terms of RP and background story.